Tournament games Round of 16

About HDStarcraft

HDStarcraft is a commentator whose YouTube channel features English commentary over professional Starcraft 2 games, Starcraft 2 Tutorials, Starcraft: Broodwar commentaries, and other random videos.

The HD World Tournament was initiated by him and has a price pool of 1.750,- USD and features 16 of the world's greatest SC2 players!

Here's a link to the awesome intro:

HD World Tournament Intro

Note that you can actually see the original bracket in this video!

Rhadan, rj

This website ...

... is just a "fanboy"* attempt to better get an overview over all the exiting games taking place. Be careful when clicking on any of the above links if you haven't watched round 1 games yet, because here there be SPOILERS! (Especially in "The Bracket" (top right), which I will try to keep up to date). I've added anti-spoilers where there were none present, so if there's a game 3 in a best of 3 that was decided by round 2, you'll just get a link to a random video (fitting the category like ZvZ) by HD.

Please let me know if you think the timer on the thumbnails is a spoiler as well, but I think you'll also see that if you go to HD's channel or actually if you open the video ... (contact details see bottom of page)

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Here's the Round 1 lineup:

1. LGZelniq (Z) vs.EGInControl (P)
2. Col.Cruncher (P) vs. LGPainUser (T)
3. LiquidTLO (T) vs. Strelok (T)
4. EGAxslav (P) vs. Root.Catz (Z)
5. EGIdra (Z) vs. Socke (P)
6. Dimaga (Z) vs. Qxc (T)
7. LiquidTyler (P) vs. SeleCT (T)
8. DuckLoadRa (P) vs. Sen (Z)

Game 1: Zelnig (Z) vs. InControl (P)

Game 1: Zelniq vs InControl 1
Game 2: Zelniq vs InControl 2
Game 3: Zelniq vs InControl 3

Game 2: Cruncher (P) vs. PainUser (T)

Game 1: Cruncher vs PainUser 1
Game 2: Cruncher vs PainUser 2
Game 3: Cruncher vs PainUser 3

Game 3: TLO (T) vs. Strelok (T)

Game 1: TLO vs Strelok 1
Game 2: TLO vs Strelok 2
Game 3: TLO vs Strelok 3

Game 4: Axslav (P) vs. Catz (Z)

Game 1: Axslav vs Catz 1
Game 2: Axslav vs Catz 2
Game 3: Axslav vs Catz 3

Game 5: Idra (Z) vs. Socke (P)

Game 1: Idra vs Socke 1
Game 2: Idra vs Socke 2
Game 3: Idra vs Socke 3

Game 6: Dimaga (Z) vs. QXC (T)

Game 1: Dimaga vs Qxc 1
Game 2: Dimaga vs Qxc 2
Game 3: Dimaga vs Qxc 3

Game 7: Tyler (P) vs. Select (T)

Game 1: Tyler vs Select 1
Game 2: Tyler vs Select 2
Game 3: Tyler vs Select 3

Game 8: DuckloadRA vs. Sen

Game 1: DuckloadRa vs Sen 1
Game 2: DuckloadRa vs Sen 2
Game 3: DuckloadRa vs Sen 3