Tournament games Round of 16

About HDStarcraft

HDStarcraft is a commentator whose YouTube channel features English commentary over professional Starcraft 2 games, Starcraft 2 Tutorials, Starcraft: Broodwar commentaries, and other random videos.

The HD World Tournament was initiated by him and has a price pool of 1.750,- USD and features 16 of the world's greatest SC2 players!

Rhadan, rj

Round 3 Lineup:

Strelok vs. Sen
Socke vs. Dimaga

Game 1: Sen (Z) vs. Strelok (T)

Game 1: Sen vs Strelok 1
Game 2: Sen vs. Strelok 2
Game 3: Sen vs. Strelok 3
Game 4: Sen vs. Strelok 4
Game 5: Sen vs. Strelok 5

Game 2: Dimage (Z) vs. Socke (P)

Game 1: Dimaga vs Socke 1
Game 2: Dimaga vs Socke 2
Game 3: Dimaga vs Socke 3
Game 4: Dimaga vs Socke 4
Game 5: Dimaga vs Socke 5